Why fall in love when you can Rise In Love?

We are a thriving queer couple who share their knowledge and experience, offering people a container for their transformation. We draw from ancient and modern traditions and combine mindfulness, visualization, breathwork, movement, energy work, sound healing and meditation. We infuse it with the qualities of gentleness, compassion and radical self love to offer a pathway to heal, integrate, awake and radically transform in a holistic way.

Are you yearning to reconnect with your body and reclaim your radiance, magic and power? 

Are you a “Fuck Yeah!” to feeling pleasure flow through you, and unapologetically be your authentic self?

Do you want to Rise In Love with yourself and with your own unique and potent life force?  Are you craving trust, safety, deep connection with yourself and others?

Let’s embark on this mystical, blissful and ecstatic journey together!