About Us

We met in New York City, at a moment perfectly planned by the Universe. Each of us had been doing personal and spiritual work, and were celebrating our lives as individuals. This created a fertile ground for a true, deep and meaningful connection between us. We encouraged each other to reclaim our own power and aliveness.

Two years later we got married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony at a rooftop in Brooklyn. In our vows we committed to continue the conscious work on ourselves and our relationship, acknowledging the importance of open and effective communication and deep intimacy. Even though emotional intelligence might seem natural or obvious, it’s far from that. Education systems, culture and family circles rarely teach us the importance of emotional regulation and practical tools to nurture and deepen the relationship with oneself and others. 

This is why we feel called to share our own learnings and support people in reclaiming their power and joy, reconnecting to their true, authentic desires and thriving in their lives.

Our experience as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workplace champions and education in anti-racism and allyship shape our language to be non-gendered, inclusive and empowering.

Reclaim power and pleasure with us

Valentina (they/them)

I was born and raised in Colombia. Curiosity has fueled my active and rich life. From graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine and a Master in Business Administration, to working in clinical trials. From becoming a key opinion leader for healthcare and social media in Latin America, to working with patient engagement, and social media at a pharmaceutical company in the US. Before moving to the US I lived in Canada, Brazil and Argentina.

I have thrived in change. What allows me to thread it all together is my interest in mindfulness and personal growth. Early in my journey I found that running was the easiest way to clear my mind and I have been using it as a meditation technique. I ran multiple marathons, several 50 km races and two 50 mile races. Running ultramarathons helped me believe I can do anything I truly desire.

When I moved to the US, I started learning more about breathwork, energy and Tantra. I was delighted to find how something so simple, that we give for granted so often, such as our breath could be so powerful in helping to break free of all the conditioning we have been living in. The experience was so exhilarating and I gained so much radiance that I felt my calling. I am in service to share my knowledge with others and support people in their journey of unlocking their purpose, meaning, aliveness, abundance and joy. This is why I decided to become an empowerment and relationship coach at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Sara (she/her)

I was born and raised in Poland. Before moving to San Diego, I lived in Barcelona, Edinburgh, London, Zurich and NYC. I have an MA in Computer Science and work at Google as a software engineer. I teach meditation as a part of Google’s mindfulness program for employees (please note that Rise In Love’s offerings are not affiliated with or endorsed by Google).

In my journey, I have always been a keen explorer of spiritual and self growth tools, testing what authentically works for me, adapting and creating my individual practices. I experimented with different yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Kundalini, restorative and Yin. To deepen my practice, I completed a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Hudson Valley, NY where I later taught at a few yoga studios. Currently I teach at Sojourn Healing Collective.

I was always drawn to the deep relaxation, the feeling of wholeness and the dreamlike states of mind that sound baths let me experience. That is why I got trained in Gong Fundamentals and in Sound Therapy Healing.

I create a warm and inclusive environment and offer practices suitable for everyone, regardless of any aspects of their expression, identity or body. I hold space for people to deeply connect with their bodies and tune in to the wisdom and intuition within. By practicing with me you will experience grounding, compassionate connection with your own unique body and softening into the present moment.

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