Sara and Valentina are two of the wisest, kindest people I’ve ever met and I would trust them to guide me in any practice or lead me anywhere! A graduate of my yoga teacher training program, Sara put 100% into everything she did and was a dream student. She is super inquisitive, always digging a little deeper than others to understand things. She cares deeply about bodies, movement, community and connection. Valentina taught a pelvic floor workshop to our trainees as a guest instructor and we were all blown away by the depth of her knowledge and her joy in sharing it. These are two people who put their whole hearts into their work and know what they’re talking about!

Kelly Kamm, founder of YoLab Yoga

I reached out to Sara and Valentina about doing a one-on-one sound healing and breathwork session when I was working through some difficult transitions in my life and it was exactly what I needed. They are both incredible space holders and so knowledgeable about how to move stagnant energy through the body. I felt totally safe to cry and express my authentic self in the session and they supported me with beautiful tenderness. Valentina’s approach to breathwork is accessible and powerful (while still being enjoyable), unlike some other breathwork practitioners I’ve tried who push you too far or don’t give you options that fit your unique body. Sara’s sound healing is so hypnotic and relaxing, it was the perfect way to integrate all the emotions that came up during breathwork. I’ve also attended several of their group workshops that are equally wonderful!

Megan Edwards

Your workshop, Unleash Your Creative Flow, was delightful.  The atmosphere in the room was magical, the course content was very impactful, the Senses exercise was really fun, and the gong portion was mesmerizing. Thank you so much for the invitation–I’m so glad I came!

Antoinette Embry

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sara and Valentina for a couple years now since they started coming to our yoga studio in Hoboken NJ, Urban Souls. From the first time they came in, they brought an energy of openness and kindness. It felt as if I had known them for my whole life and they brought a richness to our community from the very beginning. Our relationship progressed and I was so comfortable with them that I was so pleased to bring Sara on to our team of teachers. She provided amazing experiences for our students and I am blessed to know them both!

Brendan Gibbons, founder of Urban Souls Yoga

Sara and Valentina create the loveliest safe spaces, welcoming those of all skill levels, abilities, and identities to a practice and self-exploration filled with intention, presence, and warmth. I highly recommend working with them to Rise in Love.

Michelle Pfeffer, founder of YoLab Yoga

I am so grateful for Valentina – she brings presence, deep attention, care, and wisdom to every session. We made progress towards the intentions I had set and there were also surprising transformative moments around things I didn’t even know I wanted to work with. Coaching with Valentina included amazing tools and practices, it was experiential and so the lessons have really stayed with me. I have experience with a lot of healing modalities and I quickly developed a trust with Valentina because of her clear awareness, authenticity, and skill.

Loren Fields

I decided to attend coaching sessions with Valentina during a difficult and unpredicted time of my life. After giving birth to my second child and experiencing working, being a full-time mom and renovating my new home all at once, in hectic times of pandemic, I experienced difficulties finding space for myself. This led to permanent autopilot mode, lack of sleep, energy shortage, and eventually some minor but recurring health problems. Valentina’s coaching helped me to restore this energy, find ways for self-care, and to reconnect to what I called former self and womanhood. On top of that I’ve learnt deep relaxation techniques and other tools that transformed the sensual layer of my life.

Iwona Żelazna

My sessions with Valentina were truly amazing. I felt an instant connection to Valentina and felt that she honestly wanted me to help me achieve my goals. She created a safe and inviting safe to share and discuss. Ultimately I felt a shift of energy after our sessions and realized then that the work we did together truly was making a positive impact.

Jamie, she/her

Within the safe space she helps you create, Valentina’s guided visualizations helped me bring emotions and sensations from deep within myself, bringing them to the surface where I could explore them more fully.

Amy Myers-Delaney, founder of Whipping Willow Yoga

I had a few great sessions with Valentina. She has amazing energy and made me feel safe and comfortable so I could be open about my issues. She showed me a way to look at my problems from different perspective and find solutions I haven’t thought about before. She also showed me techniques that I can use by myself to get more in touch with my body and my needs. Valentina is an incredible coach and sessions with here were definitely eye-opening and empowering. 

Karolina Frechowicz

Valentina is a talented coach with an ability to quickly understand the situation and co-create an immediate practical strategy to identify what is holding you back and what tools you can use to improve your emotional state so that you can be on a path to that future relationship you’re aiming for. I highly recommend her for anyone looking into making more sense of what is holding you down to achieving better relationships overall!

Michelle Pedraza

Sara is a very talented teacher. Sara made a strong impact on all of her students during her short time at my studio. Her classes are thoughtful and beautifully structured. She is a personable and warm energy, creative, and professional. I am honored to have worked with Sara and would recommend her to any studio or student seeking personal instruction.

Sarah Snider, founder of Greenwood Lake Yoga